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VA DCJS License # 11-5269
VA DCJS School License # 88-1477
& 88-10051
NM License # PPO3143
CO License # 190615

Andrews International Government Services Fast Facts

Founded in 1984, Andrews International Government Services (AIGS) offers a diverse set of security services and solutions:

  • Department of Defense (DoD cleared) personnel, up to and including TS/SCI level
  • Armed and unarmed uniformed security services
  • Customized training
  • Active shooter program/ contract and training
  • Security console operations/certified console training
  • Special access program support
  • Document control
  • Technical support
  • Special response teams
  • Crisis prevention intervention
  • Law enforcement first responder

Relevant Experience
AIGS has three decades of operational experience providing uniformed security services for government clients and government contractors requiring government sponsored clearances. We are a government security services company with a strong past performance record at military installations, federal facilities, and sensitive sites belonging to national defense contractors.

Exacting Selection Procedures
AIGS recruits for particular clearances, skillsets and qualifications per contract specifications. Our applicant screening process includes 10-panel drug testing and an exhaustive background investigation that includes education, employment record, credit history, personal references, and psychological testing.

Seasoned Management
Headquartered in metro Washington, D.C., AIGS has a strong infrastructure featuring leaders from distinguished backgrounds in law enforcement, the military, and corporate security. Our managers at every level have the credentials and experience to effectively manage complex security service operations subject to rigorous regulations and clearance requirements.

Tailor-Made Training
We custom-develop security officer training programs for each client's unique environment. Our training instructors have certifications from the Department of Criminal Justice Services, State Police, National Rifle Association, Smith & Wesson Academy, National Fire Academy, and Federal Emergency Management.

Expert-Developed Training
AIGS Security officers are educated through security officer training programs, beginning with our 40 hour pre-assignment training curriculum, which includes a comprehensive, certified instructor based, training program. This 40 hour entry level training program meets or exceeds training required by State and Government agencies for security officers. The training includes topics in communication process, conflict management, crisis intervention, report writing, use of force, arrest authority and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs). The training preparedness of our officers is a testament to the quality of our company's dedication to protecting our clients and helping them achieve the goal of reducing risk to their company and employees. AIGS has a four-week training academy which includes topics such as Conflict Management, Crowd Control, Stress Management, Media Contact, Principles of communication, Crime Scene Preservation, Fire Safety, Hazmat Safety, Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction, Firearms Training and Less than Lethal weapons training.

Interactive Training
Our training methodology is unique in our industry. AIGS does not rely on video training. Our instructors provide interactive, hands-on training through lectures, real-life scenarios and role-playing and question/answer sessions. Our instructors use this opportunity to further judge the appropriateness of each candidate for the security officer position.

Full-Time, Certified Instructors
To ensure our security officers receive the full benefit of experienced security experts, we utilize in-house, full-time, certified instructors who have extensive backgrounds in private security, the military, and law enforcement. Our instructors hold certifications from the Department of Criminal Justice Services, State Police, National Rifle Association, Smith & Wesson Academy, National Fire Academy, and Federal Emergency Management Agency. Always aware of new evolutions in security, our instructors can develop specialized curricula upon client demand.

Government Sponsored Clearances
Our experienced Facility Security Officer ensures that clearance requests are complete and correct prior to submittal. The facility security officer maintains several applicant tracking systems and is in frequent contact with DSS to expedite the process. We have a near-perfect approval rate of applicants submitted for security clearance.

Responsive Customer Service
From empowered on-site supervision and management to invested off-site leadership, AIGS is wholly committed to maintaining the constant contact that is critical for successful partnerships. The company's 24/7 command centers back up our local teams with national customer support, issue resolution, and emergency staffing response.

Comprehensive Security Solutions
AIGS offers clients access to a full range of consulting and investigations services and specialized security solutions, including executive protection, special event security, and large-scale disaster and emergency response services. The Andrews International family of companies delivers solutions for every security and risk management need, in the United States and around the world.

Emergency Response Tactical Team (ERT)
On-site ERT teams provide rapid intervention in workplace violence situations and medical emergencies. ERT officers are experts in facility security operations, entrance/egress security, advanced use of small-arms weapons, entry & room clearing tactics, and close quarters defensive tactics. ERT unit effectiveness is enhanced with training in defensive security marksmanship, law enforcement first-responder/trauma management, vehicular assaults, and vertical descent/emergency extrication techniques.

About Andrews International Government Services, Inc.

Andrews International Government Services, Inc. is an American owned company headquartered in metro Washington D.C. The company focuses on providing superior security services to top level government agencies and organizations that support these agencies. We offer a wide variety of security services to meet the changing demands of our clients. Visit our website at http://www.aigovernmentservices.com/ or email: AIGS@andrewsinternational.com for more information.

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